The Terms & Conditions at ilmi City School is straight forward that applies to the information submitted on our database at any time via any mode of services either digital or offline communications.

General (Implement on All)

Training Services:

It is applicable & the entire responsibility of the trainee to assess the utilization of the course/Live Virtual training before registering/certification Boot Camp. The company does not take responsibility for the relevance of the certification program or the relevance of the course for the participant’s career.

We reserve the Rights of Admission. In case of unreasonable or disruptive conduct at the start or during the course, serious action will be taken & future courses can be banned. The ilmi City School team decision will be concluding in this respect.

The facility of free Wi-Fi is restricted for browsing the websites, data & emails that also be utilized during the lecture hours.

In the case of face-to-face training, there could be the possibility to complete the course in lesser time, no refunds will be entertained. The additional courses could be done during that time by paying additional charges.

In case of Holidays or any kind of emergencies, the missing training hours will be compensated either on alternate days or weekends that is entirely dependent on the availability & Convenience of the instructors & trainee.

The recording for the online lectures will be provided to the students while during physical classes the recordings & photography are prohibited.

The trainee is not allowed to contact the instructor directly at Ilmicity for availing personal services or offer unpaid or paid assignments.

Payment for services:

The fee or payments once paid for the training courses or any exam vouchers are non-refundable. All the payments made by ATM, Bank Wire Transfer, the additional charges are applied according to the bank that has to be paid by the trainee.

Overseas Payments should be done through payment gateway using the credit cards might have a mark-up of up to 5%; however, the payments through PayPal can involve a mar-up up to 10% all due to currency exchange.

Pricing Disclaimer:

The prices, offers & products on the company’s website may vary without prior notice. However, we are responsible to provide the most accurate & updated information; in rare cases, there could be variation in the price of one or two products or services accidentally. This could be due to human errors, technical errors, digital images, or any other reason. The prices for personalized, face-to-face classes could be varying from the virtual, boot camp, or online classes.

Variation of Price Terms:

IlmiCity reserves all the rights to alter prices for all of its services, deals, offers, or products. The changes are either due to market conditions, price changes, provider requirements, course termination, errors in advertisements, or any other mitigating circumstances. The price one paid at the time of availing services still holds for you.

Cancellation & Re-scheduling for training policy:

The cancellation of course or reschedule is due to any discrepancy for any reason either instructor’s unavailability or any other unpleasant circumstances. The participants must be sending a prior notice of 10 days via call or email to arrange/reschedule the class in accordance with the policy.

The adjustments to reschedule are totally the sole decision of the company. The adjustments are purely dependent due to discrepancies in our services. The adjustment could be of any kind either rescheduling or permission to join the other course. The things will be decided prior like dates, instructors, mode of training & course modules. The course fee includes training fee & course fee whereas the exam fee voucher is not included in it.

Termination Terms of Training:

The course fee once paid could not be refunded even the commencement of the class is still in a few days. The trainee can ask for the adjustments if they are not satisfied with the service delivery i.e., only course fee irrespective of exam voucher. The individual is entitled to get the adjustment if they will bring this to the management that too before the commencement of course at least two days ahead.

The certification, exam voucher, training on-demand, on-demand, e-learning, or lab accessories are non-cancelable, non-refundable, or non-redeemable in cash or credit.